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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  May 19, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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fox urgent. i'm harris faulkner. on severe weather watch now and it is hitting much of the mid section of the country. extremely dangerous tornado conditions there. with touchdowns already happening. on the ground near wichita. in oklahoma, near oklahoma city. the twisters part of a very he strong and as you can see wide system making its way through the northern and central plains right now. this has been cooking up for three hours now and we are at the pinnacle of that and the threat only expected toen crease from this point out. we are at the top of the heating of their day and it gets tougher from here into the night until things cool down. and the system expected to stretch into tomorrow. meteorologist janice dean is in the fox weather center. we he have one that they are watching right now outside of norman, oklahoma. we believe a touchdown happening as we speak. >> yes, and damage reports unfortunately, harris.
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i checked the national weather service and norman oklahoma is where the storm prediction center is. they know tornadoes. unfortunately, we are seeing damage in and around oklahoma city, norman, oklahoma up through kansas and wichita and then could have straightline damaging winds moving through the kansas city area. just want to point out where we have tornado watches extending through oklahoma and kansas up towards iowa and minnesota for the next several hours and unfortunately this kind of scenario is going to kin into the overnight -- continue into the overnight and into tomorrow. norman, oklahoma. south of oklahoma city where we have reports of debris and some damage as well a tornado warning just north and east of chandler, oklahoma. up towards kansas. south and east of wichita here, west of independence kansas is where we have the tornado warning there. then moving into iowa. fort dodge. getting into heavily populated areas here. cities. a tornado warning east of minneapolis that has is since
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be lifted which is great news. you willunfortunately, we are g into heavily populated areas. damage could be quite severe and extreme in some of the areas as the storms push eastward and they are not letting up unfortunately. taking a look at the severe threat from texas all the weigh up to the midwest, the great lakes with the concentrated risk over the central plains. oklahoma city, joplin, kansas city, a you will of the ingredients favorable for longing lasting large destructive tornadoes. into monday and into the overnight, people need to have the noaa weather radios on if you live in the areas because the storms are coming and you are not going to be able to see them. monday, still oklahoma city up towards joplin and all of the areas in yellow here, you are not out of the risk zone. could see large hail, damaging winds.
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heavy rain and the risk for tornadoes. heading into tuesday across the great lakes, the tennessee river valley and the mississippi river valley. one of the main ingredients we need for the storms is the warm air ahead of the cold front and look at this harris talking about upper 80s and low 90s and 50s and 60s behind the front. unfortunately, a prolonged event for the next 48 even 72 hours. >> as those systems collide. thank you very much. there are weather spotters, people who drive around looking at these things when they happen. i know many of you are trying to get your even pictures of this. please be careful. on the phone with us is someone who is being careful. emily is driving in oklahoma city right now the area and saw you several funnel clouds. emily, are you with us? >> yes, ma'am. thank you. >> tell me what you witnessed? >> i'm on the east side of oklahoma city north of edmond. i'm driving right now and i can
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look south into the norman area and see just blackness and at 5:00 something in the afternoon that is an odd sight to see and look directly north where there were several touchdowns and i witnessed personally in luce ram then hail and a splash of sun light here. the weirdest thing i have seen. i have to say. >> you are from that part of the country originally? >> i grew up in the the midwest. >> so you have seen this before. how does the day compare. what we are hearing about the several day event is the huge building. what is the temperature like? what are the conditions like comparatively to what you experienced? >> it is weird. i live in the city and you hear this stuff all the time you can go out on the front porches and unless you see a tornado from there, that is kind of our mantra. being in the city and knowing there is a tornado miles away, there was a tornado that
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touched down near my neighborhood. this is in the city and where we went to school and this is where stuff happens. >> right now. i will cut in in just a second. this is brand new video coming in to fox news. this is showing the debris field and this really communicates to the forecasting experts and i know janice dean is watching this, this communicates the size and power of this type of monster hitting the ground. emily, you witnessed some of this because this video is taken from edmond. what it was like earlier with those winds whipping and now we can see stuff just blowing in the air. >> it is terrifying. it is terrifying. gosh, the hot air and then you get it is real cool and you have shivers up your spine. the oddest thing is seeing things actually floating in the air. not blowing one direction or another. look up and one cloud heading one direction and another are
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cloud heading the other. it is surreal. it is surreal. >> you mentioned the heavily populated areas. we said this on fox report last night. kansas city, oklahoma city. until you see it, it really doesn't seem real to you and having lived in kansas city for many years and i have seen the tornadoic systems move across the plains, you can pick them up and watch them move into your town. when you see this, it rarely hits the areas where there are tall buildings and so many structures. you mentioned the university there, christian, how are people dealing with the warnings there? are they heeding sirens? >> i wish i could say that they were. that is the weird thing is we are used to seeing it on the tv and no big deal for where we are, we know it is way out there. when it does come to our area, you just get in the car and you have to check it out. i hope people are being responsible but driving around it is hard. people are speeding. i ran across somebody who wasn't looking where they were
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going and there was a terrible wreck. i mean there is going to be other injuries and accidents that happen because of tornado but not the tornado itself and that is the important thing, too. >> you are in your car. parked, of course. you are talking with us. stay safe, emily our first person eyes tonight on fox report. we appreciate it. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> and our prayers for those people that they stay safe tonight. we have an opportunity to talk with jennifer monroe the public information specialist for the town of edmond, oklahoma just outside of oklahoma city where they have seen so much tremendous damage and dangerous conditions and even some injuries. jennifer, are you on the phone with me now? >> i am. >> i want to start with the fact that you are the typical person i would call and ask for information in an emergency situation as a reporter and you would give me the information. today you were doing such onside of a tornado shelter. what was going on? >> i live just north of town so my family and i we actually did have to take shelter ourselves.
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so the storm passed and then came on indoors to help assess the damage and work with the media. >> edmond, oklahoma, we are seeing it now. the pictures that have come in to fox news in the past few minutes. the winds whipping as funnel cloud is trying to hold itself together and doing so rather impressively. talk to me about people tonight. how are they in your area? >> right now we -- the emergency crews are starting going neighborhood by neighborhood. so far the damage is limited to a lot of trees are damaged. wind damage and tornado damage as well. so far, luckily we don't have any reports of injuries in our city which is wonderful. our meteorologists in this community did a great job of warning everybody for several days leading up to this event. everybody knew today was a day to be weather aware and so far for us people in our town heedd
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that warning. >> this will be a multi-day event. so you are in charge of keeping people safe. your office, your division. what are you telling them about the next 24-36 hours? >> we are telling everybody to keep their phones powered, fully charged. have an emergency storm plan, shelter, where they will go to take cover and quickly, have their information gathered. we thought we might have a jump back, stormback in the area. know where your family members are and have a plan before the storm hits because you only have a matter of minutes really to spring into action. >> has it helped at all today that this happened during the day time hours? >> it helps that everyone is just very prepared and it has been top of mind. everybody knew it was coming today so everybody is glued to the television and the radio. >> sure.
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and, of course, the reason i ask that and many of our viewers will know because we covered this this week on wednesday and i'm sure you know this, be jennifer when the system was being talked about we saw another system drop twisters over granbury texas that was hit so hard, six people dead there. and it happened as the sun was setting. i ask that question about daylight. it is more frightening at night to put the emergency plans into place because people tend to kind of slack off on that. it is dark outside. i was hoping the daylight hours may have helped people stay safe today. >> it does help. you can see it coming and in the sky. oklahomans are used to get out and watch it is coming sometimes. you could see he it coming and that was helpful, yes. >> jennifer monroe with the edmond, oklahoma office of emergency management there. the public information specialist there for the low he cal authorities that will assess the damage as you heard
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her say and help as many people as they can, those who need it. stay safe. this is not over. another day or so to go of this. one of the ways we have been keeping track of this is with the local coverage from the area. fox 25 in oklahoma city kokh. many of the pictures we are getting is via their fantastic staff of journalists and we are hoping they stay safe. tune in and just listen right now. >> over east of lake thunderbird. the tornado warning continue there's as well. these are two really significant storms right now. one over and just east of lake thunderbird with a tornado. another one just north of chandler. you can seat hook there clearly and then the other is really moving out of the area in northwestern creek county. the northwest side of the tulsa area. really two big storms, jeff, that are producing possible tornadoes here right here in and around central oklahoma. >> thanks, john. heading back down towards pink and little axe there for you in
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northeastern mclean county. the doughnut hole that you saw right there. we should be on doppler 3 millennium quickly, please. let's go ahead and the doughnut hole that you see right there this is the actual radar site. you have seen it around town or been around norman the big doppler ball is right here and looking out. what happens is we are scanning the atmosphere around here and that is why everything looks so funny and usually something so close to the radar it is hard to differentiate exactly what is going on. what we will do right now is zoom down. zoom down right there and then take a peek at that with the velocity shots because this happens to be actually showing the strong rotation. usually it is hard to could that but just north of little axe. and also having to take the spotters and chasers out there, having to take what they are saying also to heart because the radar may be saying one thing and what is on the ground may be saying another thing. are it is so important to have the chasers on the ground like
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the video you are seeing right there. important to have that out there eye ex-ly when you have -- especially when you have something so close to the radar. take chaser net two full, please. where is that at, michelle or barry? >> that is on the chandler storm right there. >> we are listening in now to our fox 25 in oklahoma city and you are listening to them talk with some of the storm spotters that they have out there gathering video. we had our very own taste of that with emily earlier. she was with us on fox report from edmond, oklahoma, sharing pictures and stories tonight. a fantastic way to get an eye into the storm and generally we lean on them a little bit but hoping everybody stays safe. make you aware of a couple of developments before we take a quick commercial break. wichita, kansas and a suburb there have been kit pretty hard. we will talk with the mayor of wichita right after this. stay close. [ male announcer ] running out of steam?
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joining us karl brewer, the mayor of wichita, kansas. and while he talks with us we are looking at brand new you video in of this monster twister system that is moving across the mid section of our country. it is continuing coverage of the breaking news. oklahoma and kansas hit very hard sightings of funnel clouds, harsh hail the size of grapefruits, high winds, damage to homes and vehicles. mayor brew are, are you with us? >> yes, i am. >> i knee wichita took a punch today. tell me how things are going in your city. >> as it stands right now, everyone is trying to recover. we had some sightings. we had two or three sightings of tornadoes but so far we are not seeing that we see anything of any real tornado damage. it was just the high winds, the large sized golf ball sized hail and that alone and the
7:18 pm
rain really did a number on the city, you would think that a tornado game through. the hail came at such a velocity, ripped holes through the houses and tore up siding and broken windows and things of that nature. even i had broken windows and all of my vehicles that were sitting out they all ended up being damaged and so trees that have fell on top of homes and just it just the list goes on and a on and on. >> i don't know if you have gotten out a chance to look at beyond damage that you are suffering but i'm curious to because people watch willing say wichita is a big city and it is fairly rare for populated areas to get hit like this. we forecast that wichita and kansas city might be touched by this and in fact that has happened today with your city. talk to me about the emergency management preparation that you took and what people were planning to do today.
7:19 pm
today. >> our emergency level was elevated to a level two in preparation for the storm to come through. and we have continued to maintain that. we have all of our crews and everyone has been dispatched and they were at the emergency service center in preparation. you know, we did have some electrical lines blown down because of the wind but for the most part everyone was forewarned. we had lots of warning and preparation to prepare ourselves. a lot of advance notice to go to your shelters and you could almost track it for miles and miles just by listening to our media. they did a fantastic job this letting everybody know exactly where everything was at and where it was approaching the communitys. >> we he have been dipping in to fox 25 in oklahoma city. i want to make everybody aware they are seeing a couple of diff'rent things on the screen. to the right is the system on the map. ing toling between oklahoma city video and now looking ten miles outside wichita, kansas. i don't know if you can see
7:20 pm
this mayor brewer. this is a monster system that has touched down a few miles west of wichita. are you hearing any reports of anything damaged in that area? >> no, i have not heard of any reports of anything damaged in that area and my fire chief and police chief and the people that we have in our emergency center have not reported anything. currently i'm outside kind of looking at the damages. >> i can hear the wind! i can hear it. >> looking at the damage in the neighborhood and the neighbors are walking back and forth down the street trying to see how much damage was done to various different homes. it is just we are not hearing that there has been any damage with the exception of we had some structure, trees that fell on homes and power lines that are down. i think i heard over the scanner that one power line had fell on top of a car with a family inside of it but the family is safe. >> mayor brewer, we are about to run into a commercial break. stay tight. we'll be he right back. thank you. [ male announcer ] this is betsy.
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fox urgent continuing live coverage of what you see in the the middle of your screen there in oklahoma tonight. it has just been a vicious thunderstorm system moving across there dropping twisters from the sky and this is live so every now and then you may see the satellite photo drop out as we try to capture this. but also every now and then as i put my eyes to the is center of the screen now you will see a funnel cloud come out of the sky. we have seen that more than a few times this afternoon and now moving into the evening hours. that is a wall cloud, oklahoma is very active. there is red all over the map and that mean there's is danger. meteorologist janice dean is in the fox extreme weather center where it is extreme right now, janice. >> oklahoma is the area i want to focus in with the visuals of the funnel clouds dropping from
7:25 pm
the sky. tornado warnings several in and around oklahoma city. tornado watches extending up towards the midwest. so tornadoes are conducive here across the central u.s. up towards the midwest. throughout the evening and into the overnight hours. here is oklahoma. there is oklahoma city south and east of the area. we have a confirmed tornado on the ground spotted by folks on the ground and trained weather spotters and we are seeing debris in the area. south and east of oklahoma city this is moving towards pink, oklahoma. then north and east of oklahoma a city north of chandler another supercell developing and with that perhaps the potential for are a tornado and then north and east of that south of cleveland, west of tulsa, another tornado warned storm. oklahoma really right now for tornado activity this area no strange to tornadoes but they know what to do when the siren go up. towards the north and east in
7:26 pm
iowa a tornado warning. not only confined to oklahoma and kansas but step up towards the upper midwest through the evening hours. right now looks like we have a tornado outbreak underway in and around the oklahoma city area. word is there is debris, there is damage on the ground. unfortunately, as this storm moves eastward and one of the ingredients that we need it the very warm unstable air mass. looking at oklahoma, 77. but south of that we are in the 90s. east of that we are into the 80s and behind that we have the colder dryer air. harris, it is the perfect textbook setup for tornadoes. the good news is this area of the country they are used to it and hopefully they are heeding the warnings as we bring them to them. back to you. >> i want to ask why is it just in the last little while this has gotten worse. earlier today it was cooking and then in just the last 15-20 minutes we are seeing touchdowns. i'm watching the associated press wires and looking we have on a big screen fox 25 in oklahoma city. i am keeping my eyes on that
7:27 pm
and all of a sudden this is popping. we are are puting that up now. why is that, janice? >> it is the day time heating. the dyernal heating. earlier on today the thunderstorms cleared and then the sun comes out and heats up the atmosphere again. then we have all of that moisture i mean the dew points in the area, the moisture content in oklahoma and texas is oppressive. so you have got the very warm humid air mass and warm moisture coming in from the gulf of mexico. the day time heating setting in and then these storms start to fire with that front as it approaches with the cooler dryer air behind it. >> all right. janice, stay with me for just a second. right now, fox 25 is talking to the guy driving this car, the storm spotter. let's listen. >> there is a tornado and shawn is coming on i-40 up in here. he is in the rain and hail up here not too far from gail, okay.
7:28 pm
if you are still on, listen to us. the tornado is actually to the southwest. i didn't know you were on i-40. i thought you were on another road coming into shawnee. we are getting the debris signature on radar. the radar is picking up debris flying around the radar. we are picking that up on the radar and shows up as big holes and stuff like that because you have tree hes or debris flying around. be careful there, shawn because you have a serious situation when you try to drive south the tornado is going to come right up on you there. it is just west of bethel acres and it is just a couple of miles south of the interstate. >> appreciate it. i'll see if i can get you another view of it. >> might want to head back towards shawnee and head south.
7:29 pm
>> did you hear what he just said, janice? he told that guy driving this car. said you got to be careful that debris is going to come in your direction. which way are you driving you got to go the other way. we have video from earlier where the debris field was spinning around and popped up on the screen. a lot o the ground of stuff can hit the sky. >> it is incredible video. you can see the rotation so clearly on the screen and the debris field coming up. and the sky is so close. i mean harris, obviously we are this this world of cell phones and wannabe storm chasers and this is what really scares me is this is where we will see the deaths unfortunately. even though we need the video to show you how dangerous it is it is unfor the that the that we have all a these people out there in danger zones. >> this guy is a trained storm spotter is what i'm hear ft. worth affiliate there. even so you can hear the meteorologist telling him,
7:30 pm
dude, stuff could hit you. you cot to face in the other direction. then look at this. did you see blue sky there's on the back end of this. go back to that live look if you can because we a lot of cameras on this right now. so much stuff coming in to fox news and put as much on the screen for you as possible. if we take a look at this in oklahoma city, as it faces out in the other direction the blue skies although they still look rather i don't know problematic potentially but at least it is not as active as what we just saw. >> well, oklahoma right now south and east of oklahoma city is where we are sort of concerned with the worst of the tornadoic cells. the system is slowly moving eastward. so as we get into the overnight hours, oklahoma city you are going to be this the clear. then harris tomorrow the storm clouds clear, heats up again and the threat for severe weather yet again. these folks really not out of 12-24ods for the next 2-24
7:31 pm
hours. >> we are coverin covering this breaking news happening in the mid section of the country. this affects millions of people tonight. we have heard reports of damage. wichita getting hit which is a major populated area but no injuries reported as we already talked with the mayor of wichita. we are moving forward with the story talking with storm chasers and bringing you as much video coming in to fox news. i will have ureport information to send your pictures directly to us. stories weeveloping tore want to tell you about aside from the weather. this right now is fox urgent and we are bringing it to you live. stay close. from stouffer's starts with ground beef, onions and peppers baked in a ketchup glaze with savory gravy and mashed russet potatoes. what makes stouffer's meatloaf best of all? that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care, for you or your family.
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as we stay on the story for you right now. tornadoes touching down in kansas and oklahoma and the system now cooking up. you see on the back edge of it there in oklahoma city a little peek of daylight and people there are told to continue to heed the warnings wit because e have seen breaks like this in the skies and then suddenly a wall cloud and suddenly a large funnel. and i mean large. we are sending correspondents into the heart of this. we are talking with storm chasers people who do this for a living. casey stegall is on interstate 35 in oklahoma going north.
7:36 pm
casey, you are with us. tell us about it. >> harris we are on the phone obviously heading up i-35. that is the main sort of interstate that blends through oklahoma even runs up north through kansas and we are about 50 miles or so south of norman, oklahoma that is under the gun the last 30 minutes or so and just as you have been saying with january miss dean ther jan monitoring what you guys are saying. a dangerous fluid situation throughout much of the state of oklahoma. oklahoma city and then south of oklahoma city, the very first report [break in audio] and that is about 17 miles north of oklahoma city, debris but no injuries we are told. then the storm sort of tracked to the east of oklahoma.
7:37 pm
>> casey, casey, can you hear me. in your line is breaking up a little bit. i want to clear this up because i think people are concerned about you. i'm watching and people are tweeting about you right now they want to know exactly where you are and i want to give the line a chance to clear up because you are in a moving vehicle and sometimes as you are moving across you will find a stronger tower to hook up to so i want to give it a few seconds to do that. going north are on interstate south main corridor from south to north through the midwestern portion of the country he up through oklahoma. tell me where you are and what you are seeing? >> we are about 55 miles or so south of norman, oklahoma. an area that is still under a tornado watch right now. confirmed reports of tornadoes on the ground in the norman, oklahoma area. which, by the way, to a lot of people that know this, norman is home to the university of oklahoma, a university of more than 30,000 students and the national weather service in
7:38 pm
fact even has an office in norman. i spoke to a representative there not very long ago and they he said that they were starting to see some climatic activity literally out of the back of their office door. that is part of that cell as i mentioned that is actually southeast of oklahoma city because we have got these two major cells if you look at the radar that are spawning the tornadoes. northeast of oklahoma city and then southeast of oklahoma city. and right now all eyes are on the area as janice dean was saying pink, oklahoma, that is southeast of norman. so we have these two guidance tick cells. in fact, some of the early reports from the weather spotters on the ground is that in the state of oklahoma alone 14 different tornadoes have been generated in the last four hours or so. this is something that forecasters had talked about for several days. i can tell you we were down in north texas on the ground last
7:39 pm
week right after those storms blew through and decimated some part tion of texas. ever since the system move through it has been an eery humid unnatural feeling the last few days. it is not normally humid in north texas and the southern part of oklahoma. the air just kind of felt weird. it was muggy and stifling. that was of great concern to a lot of the forecasters and meteorologists because as janice dean was saying earlier this has really sort of been textbook example of weather that sets up for the supercells and cells that produce the tornadoes. at this point we are safe. i mean we are about 55 miles as i said south of norman and it is sunny. that is the weird thing about this as you were talking about the video he of the blue sky
7:40 pm
there out to the distance in oklahoma city. she are are so sporadic and so isolated with tornadoes. so different than a hurricane. the hurricane is widespread for miles and miles and miles and miles you are having the strong winds and the pouringthe downpours in the rain. with the tornadoes it can be sunny in one area and ten miles to the east of you tornadoes on the ground doing lots and lots of damage. that is what is really alarming with these. even though forecasters were predicting this, these drop down out of the sky. they are on the ground for a few minutes. do a ton of damage and then ascend back up into the clouds and that is what we are seeing throughout the portions of oklahoma that have been under the gun the last four hours or so, harris. >> while you were talking viewers saw a very large tornado touching down and i want to make it clear what we are looking at here is brand new video. re-rack that, please.
7:41 pm
casey, this is a monster on the ground and just coming in to fox news now. tornadoes hitting in oklahoma. we knew that. we knew that they had hit outside oklahoma city. and now we are learning more about this. tornadohunter .com i understand has sent this to us. it is video now outside of oklahoma city. and ifky get some direction from the producers in the booth please to tell me exactly where this is. because you can see how long this sits on the ground and then just -- this is what casey was talking about there. somebody was just talking with me so i pussed fo paused for ad there. about how they will sit and look huge and go right back up in the sky and it is really difficult to see them coming sometimes because many of them have been rain-soaked. fox 25 oklahoma city. listen to this. >> right along right on the highway right there.
7:42 pm
i-40 and then after that move to the east and pull up cities there for you. as it stays looks like well north of mac mcarthur boulevard that is. moving out right now. we know exactly where that tornado is at. we know it is on the ground and we will stay with it obviously and we have two chasers on that right now and trying to get phoners and verify what they are seeing. but we know for a fact that it is on the ground right now. that was live video he that you saw there. while michelle is doing that you can see on the chase net two right there on the right-hand side of the screen the tornado is right behind the bill billion board right behind the sign right there. and that is, once again, i want to point out exactly where it is at on the radar. michelle after you get the track up there, let me know. okay. 13 minutes in adelot. 20 minutes johnson. hello. did you hear the name of that is city, john? >> i have not. >> you can see it right there.
7:43 pm
not even going to try to pronounce that. michelle, put some streets on there again for us, please. there you go. thank you. and then there is i-40 and then again split screening, actually now we are on full screen here and there is the highway sign will and emergency vehicles there. chasers all lined up and tracking this tornado right about here. again, just east and northeast of dale. already see some gusty winds even as far away from that tornado. still some gusty winds more than likely. >> what you are watching right now is amazing coverage by our fox 25 there, kokh in oklahoma city. you see them gathering the vehicles and their instruments as touchdowns are happening right now in that areaia. twisters on the ground and their reaction as the huge bolts of lightning strike from that cloud cover. on down to whatever the heck they are hitting on the ground. dangerous situation we are watching and we are just starting here.
7:44 pm
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7:48 pm
twisters to drop out of the sky. probable for them to do some damage when they do and in fact some of the areas are now in tornado warning beyond just the thunderstorm warning meaning there have been touchdowns on the ground. so far today just our coverage alone we counted is several of them. and now we are starting to see the video come in from stringers. i'm told some of the lights you will see that are hitting transformers going out as the systems move through with all their power. this is edmond, oklahoma where we know there was a large touchdown. we talked with a storm spotter this. i goolsbee with the video watching with you as it happens. debris, metal, all sorts of mess in the the sky. and if you are hit by that, can cut you up and do a whole lot of damage. fortunately, though, the damage that we are hearing about is to things and not people and that is the blessing in all of this because it did happen early in
7:49 pm
the day. people had their plans. a little easier to get your act together if you can see it coming. now, it is getting later in the evening and things getting more dangerous because of heating index that happens in the laterite part of the day. kokh has done a fabulous job of coordinating for their own people to keep them safe. wichita's mayor said they are doing a fabulous job. the local authorities are depending on their weather people to warn them and keep them out of harm's way. as we take you to the next break let's watch and listen. fox 25 oklahoma city. >> again, if you are in the adelot area it is headed towards you. that is the tornado right there. continues to be on the ground and this tornado means business and it is coming right to your hometown if you live in adelot. there is the signature right there and so if you live in that area you need to be taking prehe cautions right now.
7:50 pm
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fox urgent. live coverage of the tornado outbreak. we knew it was coming, we didn't know it would be quite this active though as early in the day as it has been on this sunday and now it is still cooking. dangerous situations in and out from oklahoma and now add iowa to the list of people now, millions of them who need to be on the lookout. what is falling from the sky and doing all of the damage that we are seeing? how about four inch of frost sized hail. i saw from the twitter are page some of you don't believe that is possible. meet karen peterson on the ground in edmond, oklahoma. we he know that a monster storm touched down there twister outside of oklahoma city. you are with us by phone. >> i'm here, thank you. >> i know you took some
7:54 pm
pictures of this. what was it like as it was coming across your town? >> well, we were just north of where some of the tornadoes hit but as you can see by the picture the hail was very he loud and very strong. >> and i know you took some pictures and tell me what i'm seeing? >> well, as the hail was coming down at first it started out, you know, like pea sized and then got to more big marbles and then golf ball we came in the house. afterwards we went outside to look around and my husband dug a couple of large hail stones that had actually gone down into the ground and i wanted to find something to compare it to and that is a grapefruit next to the hail pieces dallas. >> that can do some pretty bad medical attention related damage i would imagine. anybody you know get hit by that or were people pretty much tucked inside? >> when that starts falling when it first starts people like to go out and take
7:55 pm
pictures but once you get into the golf ball and larger people go inside and stay away from the windows. with the wind that blows in oklahoma it can certainly blow he a piece of hail that big into a window so you don't want to be near the windows when that is falling either. >> the conditions where you were today, is that with you were anticipating, what the local authorities told you about? did you hear sirens. >> we did hear sirens but more importantly than that all of the local news stations have been talking about this for the last couple of days actually and as it gets closer to the time they get more and more accurate with the broadcasts. they have been talking about this sense thursday or friday so people have been preparing. we maided sure our storm shelter was cleaned out and we have bottled water. cell phones are charged up. i have kids up in stillwater in college. i made sure they had their cell phones charge and knew where they are going to go if it
7:56 pm
hits. >> i'm sure that did some damage but i'm glad you are okay tonight. karen peterson edmond, oklahoma with the pictures of the grapefruit sized hail tonight. thank you very much for sharing that for the coverage tonight. stay safe. >> thank you so much. >> continuing coverage after the break because again millions of people are still in the the path of this this evening and with the heating index late in the day it is still very dangerous. we will be ton for you. plus, "huckabee." stay with us. we're not in london, are we? no. why? apparently my debit card is. what? i know. don't worry, we have cancelled your old card. great. thank you. in addition to us monitoring your accounts for unusual activity, you could also set up free account alerts. okay. [ female announcer ] at wells fargo we're working around the clock to help protect your money and financial information. here's your temporary card. welcome back. how was london? [ female announcer ] when people talk, great things happen.
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